Episode 04101518

Air Date: 
October 4 2015 - 6:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

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KataklysmMarching Through Graveyards
Talk Spot
Fuck The FactsFalse Hope
Display of DecayHigh Voltage Castration
AtaxiaHairy Tusk
Vantablack WarshipIrreversible Kill
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Doomed & Stoned in CanadaWitchstone - Riff Riders (Part 1)
Doomed & Stoned in CanadaChronGoblin - Deserter
Doomed & Stoned in CanadaSandveiss - Green for Gold
Doomed & Stoned in CanadaGypsy Chief Goliath - Holding Grace
In the Name of HavocDrunk-Yard Dogs
News & Community Calendar
Doomed & Stoned in CanadaEagle Tears - Drug Rug
RustedWanted Man Boogie
Talk Spot
VesperiaIron Saga
Unleash the ArchersFrozen Steel
DistoriamVinlanders (Defend the Land)
MoonlyghtRevelations from the Other Side
DiemondsNever Wanna Die
ReanimatorMock a Mockingbird
Kobra and the LotusLet it Ride
Talk Spot
ManowarShell Shock

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