Episode 23101521

Air Date: 
October 23 2015 - 9:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

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venomous maximusintro
venomous maximuswhite rose
sir lord baltimorehard rain fallin'
buzzard moving as mountain
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woodhawkdon't wake the witch
alabama thunderpussythree stars
lavagoatblack lotus
earthridevampire circus
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jerusalemshe came like a bat from hell
a day as wolveskilling time
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the brought lowarmy of soldiers
illuminatiblack russian blues
hash tinlightyears from the earth
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nixon nowbad world
orchidno one makes a sound
mendozzadragonau t
barnburnerbeer today bong tomorrow
dbcterrorist mind
mad parishdoppelganger
skull fisthour to live
kill of rightssmog
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gypsyhawkstate lines
new bomb turksmr.suit
the saintsknow your product
feari don't care about you
the retardsi gotta rock'n'roll
chrome locustain't no love
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the queersstupid fucking vegan
the dwarvesdrug store
the undertonesteenaged kicks
spizz energywhere's captain kirk
iggy pop'til wrong feels right
the butthole surfersjimi
tim barrysagacity gone
bloodshot billthe moon won't tell
jacques and the shaky boysthese days
kriss kristoffersonin the news

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