Episode 23021821

Air Date: 
February 23 2018 - 9:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

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gygaxdraw breath
danko jonesshe likes it
dead moongraveyard
gygaxchain lightning
sonic's rendesvous bandit's alright
the von zippersfreaka nature
manic hispanicthe i.n.s. took my novia away
flaming grooviesslow death
Talk Spot
sonic's rendesvous bandgetting there is half the fun
agent orangebloodstains
genetic control1984
the distillersthe world comes tumblin'
gorilla biscuitsnew direction
scarfoldfive nerve drive
motorheadi ain't no nice guy
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poison ideapunish me
poison ideacrippled angel
Talk Spot
scarfoldwelcome to the divide
painbowsmoke screen
jack boot and the oppressorsoppressors theme
Talk Spot
white boy and the average rat bandthe prophet song
budgiewhiskey river
kim sixxbang you head
Talk Spot
venomthe witching hour
against the grainsacrifice
against the graincheated death
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painbowhigh riser
Talk Spot: lone wolf
against the grainno sleep
against the grainsurrounded by snakes
kreatorphantom antichrist
Talk Spot
lost society thrash all over you
dr.living deadufo attack
toxic holocaustnuke the cross
evil bloodseventh sabbath
Talk Spot
first strikenight fever
voivodravenous medicine
gama bombthrashaholic
dopethroneshot down
Talk Spot
foghoundmessage in the sky

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