Episode 11101608

Air Date: 
October 11 2016 - 8:00 AM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

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Talk Spot: Good Morning Episode 137: The Week it Was/ DVD Duesday)
Jean- Michel BlaisPour Johanne
Emile BilodeauDehors
Talk Spot: Ringo Starr is the Star of the Day
Dear Criminals Cold Wave
Ringo StarrPhotograph
Talk Spot: Good Morning To Matthew
Norah Jones Tragedy
Talk Spot: Top Box Office/ Movie News/ Cinematic Fridays
Twenty One Pilots Ride
Christopher Jackson Daveed Diggs Lin-Manuel Miranda Okieriete OnaodowanCabinet Battle # 1 (Hamilton OST)
Talk Spot: Stranger Things
Kyle Dixon Michael SteinMain Theme (Stranger Things OST)
Kyle Dixon Michael SteinHallucinations (Stranger Things OST)
Kyle Dixon Michael SteinHazmat Suits (Stranger Things OST)
Talk Spot: New Elfman
Danny ElfmanMegan (The Girl On The Train OST)
Danny ElfmanRachel (The Girl On The Train OST)
Talk Spot: Last Word: What do I Watch Remi? Are there Any Good Movies Remi? Chill I have you covered.
Blink-182Miss You (Juste la Fin du Monde OST)
O-ZoneDragostea Din Tei (Juste la Fin du Monde OST)

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