Zola Jesus Live @ CJLO

The timing behind when we were offered the possibility of a session with Zola Jesus, aka Nika Roza Danilova, was perfect.  October 15th turned out to be the birthday/anniversary of 3 years of CJLO being on the AM airwaves.  One of those moments when all the CJLO staffers came together to make something happen, we worked so hard to make sure we could nail this session down - our Production Director Lachlan coordinating with the band's sound engineer, our Program Director Brian and General Manager Stephanie coordinating with DJs and scheduling to make sure we could have the set air live on our airwaves, especially since the band wanted to help promote their show at Il Motore later on that evening, and me coordinating with the promotion company and band.

The guys from Caribbean Callaloo were kind enough to give us an hour of their airtime for me and Steph to have a special Hooked on Sonics / Let Them Eat Cake show that we coined "Hooked on Cake" to commemorate the 3 year anniversary and to clear the airwaves for the session. Due to time, we were only able to have Nika record one song, but her stripped down rendition of "Sea Talk" from 2010's Valusia EP had guests and station volunteers in attendance in complete awe over her voice and control over it.  It was absolutely spellbinding

Huge huge thanks to Zola Jesus & especially Karen over at Terrorbird for making this happen!


Recorded on: 
October 15 2011
Aired on: 
"Hooked on Cake" Special (Hooked on Sonics & Let Them Eat Cake)
Engineered by: 
Lachlan Fletcher + Michael Cota
Mixed by: 
Lachlan Fletcher