Thrust N Thrive Live @ CJLO

August 21st , 2011, Thrust N’ Thrive enthusiastically showed up to CJLO for a lovely night of metal and for a session on my show Break It Down. This is the second time that Thrust N’ Thrive has been on my radio show (they had been on my show a few months earlier for an interview). In order for Thrust N’ Thrive to properly document the night for their fans, they brought their own cameraman and lights. This made the load in and out a little difficult but brought a unique energy to their live session. Once everything was set up the session ran smoothly. Thrust N’ Thrive played 4 songs (even a new one) which were all a lot of fun to listen to. After the session they joined me on air with a follow up interview, in which they talked about their new material and up coming plans for the future of their band.


Recorded on: 
August 21 2011
Aired on: 
Break It Down
Engineered by: 
Lachlan Fletcher + Marco Lucci + Brian Hastie
Mixed by: 
Lachlan Fletcher