Chuck Ragan & Dave Hause Live @ CJLO

One of my personal highlights of working at CJLO was when we welcomed modern punk legends Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music) and Dave Hause (Loved Ones, Paint it Black) into the CJLO studios to record a session for Hooked on Sonics.  

We had tossed out feelers to try and get Chuck into the station to record a session on a whim, and much to our surprise his label, his publicist, and Chuck himself were into the idea.  To make matters even better, we were contacting Dave's publicist to see if he'd be interested in doing something too, and it turned out he was travelling with Chuck and his band.  Eeeeeeverything was coming up CJLO.

The guys collaborated on a couple of their own songs with Chuck's sidemen Joe Ginsburg & Jon Gaunt, and more interestingly, on a cover of Canadian cult singer-songwriter Northcote's "Worry".  You can hear the wonderful versions of the songs below, as well as footage from the sessions, including behind the scenes footage of the guys working out the arrangement for the Northcote song before cutting the final version.  A huge fan of both artists (I even have a Hot Water Music mug at my dayjob), this was a pretty amazing session to have nailed down and a lot of our staff was excited about it.  It was really a banner afternoon, me and production director Lachlan were smiling all day after.


Recorded on: 
June 11 2011
Aired on: 
Hooked on Sonics
Engineered by: 
Lachlan Fletcher
Mixed by: 
Lachlan Fletcher
Videography by: 
Omar Husain