3 Inches of Blood Live @ CJLO

Not many bands would show up anywhere before the fashionable time of noon o'clock unless it was for something huge.  That's not the case for 3 Inches of Blood, who showed up at CJLO early on a Monday morning at 9:30 to do a session at our lovely station. Not only did they come to do the session for what most bands would call an ungodly early part of the morning, but they also did it on the first day of filming for a documentary that's being made about them and their tour across Canada with the Cancer Bats.

After a brief and somewhat nerdy interview session, they rocked out a slew of songs, and since their van had to get some repairs/maintenance done, they ended up doing even more than expected, knocking out 6 tracks for the session.  I'll never get over how someone that looks like lead singer Cam Pipes has such amazing well... pipes.  The dude can hit higher notes than some women I know, and he's one burly, bearded, unmistakably metal individual. 

Afterward, they regaled us with tales about touring in Europe, having Metallica "open" for them, their native Vancouver, and were all around good dudes.  If they come by you, you should check them out and buy them a drink for rocking your face off and for just being awesome in general, but first, check out this session.

-Andrew WIXQ


Recorded on: 
May 9 2011
Aired on: 
Grade A Explosives