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M for Montreal: Closing Event

It was a great week for the 6th edition of M For Montreal. This 4-day music extravaganza/fest/industry showcase that presents some of Montreal’s hip new talent did not disappoint with bands like Parlovr, Trigger Effect and Hollerado.

So it was not surprising that the closing night at Metropolis offered up some of the fest's best and what a night it was.

Marie-Pierre Arthur

Marie-Pierre Arthur was the first to hit the stage and it was quite clear as to why. Regardless of the fact that  her first album, Marie-Pierre Arthur, awarded her the Etolies Galaxie prize at Osheaga in 2010, she proved to be the weakest band of the night. She offered a pleasant, but not very captivating performance.

The Barr Brothers

This band caused quite a ruckus at CMJ’s M for Montreal showcase in New York last month and, although the show here was a bit more subdued, they did not disappoint. They played “Give the Devil Back His Heart” and “Beggar in the Morning,” to name a few. Andres Vial made great use of different percussion instruments, and the fact that a harp, played by Sarah Page, was used in most of their songs put them in a league of their own.

Arianne Moffatt

Kicking it up a notch was Arianne Moffatt. The energy this Québécoise chanteuse had was completely infectious and her voice was dreamy. She got everyone moving and grooving to songs like “Réverbère.” The girls from Random Recipe even joined her at one point during her performance.

Random Recipe

As soon as Random Recipe came on stage the crowd went wild. Frannie Holder captivated the audience with her angelic voice, while rapper Fab kicked it. Their performance was high energy and got the crowd jumping with songs like “Shining Star” and “Shipwreck.”


Galaxie pulled the night into a totally different direction with their garage rock tunes. It was easy to see how they won artist of the year at the GAMIQs, as they appeared well-seasoned rockers knocking back shots while playing “Piste 1,” which won them song of the year too.

Half Moon Run

Unfortunately I missed the last band of the night, Karkwa. Indica Records invited me to see their newly singed band Half Moon Run in Metropolis’ Salon and was I ever glad that I caught it. This trio was the band of the night for me. They have not even released an album yet, but they impressed everyone that was there. Their harmonies, matched with their haunting melodies, were a welcome addition to an already impressive night.

All in all M for Montreal’s closing night left you wanting to hear more. It’s easy to see that this music fest/industry showcase is starting to rank as the one of the top place to hear the best of what Canada has to offer.

-Rebecca M hosts The Commonwealth Conundrum every Wednesday from 5-6pm