New Media and Politics - BP's Folly

As a strategy, being arrogant jerks hasn't worked out very well for BP. Tony Hayward has quickly weasled his way into the top ten most hated people on the planet (conjecture) and he's made his company massively unpopular. There's talk of debarment and boycotts but there's something else going on. You can feel it in the news reports and the comments written at the news sites - people are disgusted by BP's behaviour since the spill.

Stephen Harper - Assalogue!

A question was posed here on the site some time ago was, Stephen Harper, ass or idealogue? The answer we (NM&P editorial staff) came up with, after much debate, was both! That required a new word and the word we felt most appropriate was assalogue (sancithole was a close 2nd).



News May 24 2010

Read by Emily Brass

Produced by Emily Brass and Nicholas Fiscina

Stories written by Chris Hanna, Sarah Deshaies, and Jose Espinoza

New Media and Politics - The BP Valdez x 5,6,10?

The title says it all. No one has a clue right now except that this is far worse than the Valdez but the extent is essentially unknown as are the far-reaching consequences.


News May 21st 2010

News produced by Drew Pascoe and pronounced by Erica Fisher

Stories by Jose Espinoza, Corentine Rivoire, Jonathan Moore, Alina Gotcherian

News May 19th 2010

Read and produced by Lachlan Fletcher.

Stories written by Emily Brass, Matthew Phelps and Gareth Sloan.

New Media and Politics - Cataloguing Lunacy

Beginning with unsexy war blogging: Analysis suggests it will be near impossible for Obama to achieve a drawdown in Iraq by the August deadline.

BP Valdez News Roundup

Increasingly the US government is being blamed for failing to conduct proper scientific studies of the disaster and of allowing BP to obscure the spill’s true scope.

New Media and Politics - Canadian News

Leading off stories with politics and Canucks in mind is the suicide bombing in Kabul which has claimed the lives of Six NATO soldiers, including Canadian Colonel Geoff Parker, 42, a member of the Royal Canadian Regiment who died when a massive car bomb struck a NATO convoy on the edge of the Afghan capital of Kabul. Included in the casualties are 12 civilians with 47 more wounded.

New Media and Politics

Another day of our coverage of the BP Valdez, beginning with reports that the currents in the Gulf are now moving the oil slick in the direction of the Florida Keys.

News May 17th 2010

Read and produced by Nicholas Fiscina.

Stories written by Chris Hanna, Sarah Deshaies, Jose Espinoza and Jonathan Moore.

Canadian News

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