Film Review - Good Neighbours

Living in Montreal can be challenging, especially when you move into your first apartment building. You will never be able to know what kind of people live right next to you. Do you knock on every door to introduce yourself? Probably not. Therefore, you grin and bear the feeling that someone who you live next to could be plotting your demise.

Film Review - Limitless

One afternoon while browsing movie trailers, I came upon Limitless and thought to myself: "Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro? I wonder what this could be?" I checked out the trailer and it captured my attention immediately. It didn’t give too much away, so I was pleasantly anxious as I took my seat at the screening.

Film Review - Beastly

If you want to see a mirror image of what a major part of our society has become then Beastly is a film that you should go watch.  What if the wonderful story of “Beauty and the Beast” was set in a high school filled with beautiful people who knew they were beautiful? Well, that is pretty much the whole story.

Video Game Review - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the most terrifying games I’ve ever played. Amnesia’s a well put together puzzle adventure game designed solely for making your heart race.

As the player, your character is Daniel, a young man from London who awakes in the castle remembering nothing but his name. He finds a letter from himself warning that he is being chased by a “living nightmare,” and that he must kill Alexander, the baron of the castle.

CJLO Staff Picks of 2010

We like music here at CJLO, whoddathunk!?  Below is a smattering of picks from a slew of our DJs and Staff of what were their favourites for 2010, a year that seemingly had a lot of good stuff going for it musically.  The lists are diverse, and reflect the different styles of music that CJLO broadcasts, as well as the eclectic tastes of our DJs.

Video Game Preview - Bloodline Champions

Bloodline Champions is a free-to-play Arena-based PVP game that will seem similar to fans of League of Legends and Defense of The Ancients. What sets this game apart from other games of this genre is the use of WASD keys and a lack of minions. The game makes it easy for a player to choose their play style by separating the different characters into four types: melee, range, tanking, and healers.

December Horockscope

For December's edition of the hoROCKscope, we suggest you listen to The Decemberists to fully substantiate this month's tweet-worthy predictions!

All signs:
As the sun moves into Sagittarius and the moon into Gemini, a sudden powerful shift in power occurs. Get ready for things to happen!

Aries (Mar. 21 – Apr. 20)
Concentrate on work. Family will cause strain. Be confidant and vocal in situations surrounding groups, but think before you speak at home.

November Horockscope

For November's edition of the hoROCKscope, we suggest you listen to Morrisey's “November Spawned a Monster” to fully substantiate this month's tweet-worthy predictions!

All signs:
The Sun transitions into Scorpio this month, taking emotions to the deepest level. Prepare for its full transformative energy! Power up!

Aries (Mar. 21 – Apr. 20)
Thoughts of travel occupy your mind. Don't let personal problems conflict with work. Luck will happen on a wednesday. Trust your intuition.