Yves Jarvis returns in full bloom with latest album Sundry Rock Song Stock

Yves Jarvis is the stage name of Jean-Sébastien Audet – a singer originally from Calgary, Alberta. After moving to Montreal and performing under the stage name Un Blonde, the persona Yves Jarvis was borne in 2018. It was brought to life with The Same but by Different Means - his first album released under the new moniker. With this experimental album, Yves Jarvis began his dedicated journey to moving forward and being unafraid to explore mysterious waters.

His latest album Sundry Rock Song Stock is a return in full bloom. The album, clocking in at just over half an hour, is a unique experience somewhere between a daydream and reality; or is perhaps better described as an elevated state of mind.

What is most interesting about his craft is his ability to blend influences into a seamless new sound. Songs may begin with more standardized compositions with a strong base of psychedelia, then they often bleed into delicate and accurate experimentation. Yves Jarvis has allowed for enough breathing space on this album for songs to venture off in their own direction and grow to their full potential.

Even though the lyrics on this album are rather obscure, they contain an overwhelming sense of personality and unique connection. There is a presence, and for certain, thought, behind these vague philosophies. Yet there is enough room for individuals to place themselves within the music and experience it with their own understanding.

It is quite clear that Yves Jarvis is following his influences and striving to create real art rather than following trends. This can be sensed within the first few opening bars of the album, but Jarvis defines it best himself when he sings “proof of personality in my periphery” on the song "In Every Mountain". It is for that reason that this album is unmistakably his, and that it will also last forever. Steady, yet ever changing; like running water from a river.