Young Quebecers challenge feds over climate, MNA test positive for Covid-19

Reporter: Shanellie Marie 

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro 


Young Quebecers challenge feds over climate 

A group of young Quebecers are back in court this week, to try yet again to file a class action lawsuit against the federal government on climate change. 

They say they're not doing enough to avoid the effects of the climate crisis. 

It's not the first time this group has been in court.. 

They made headlines months ago when Quebec's superior court turned down their action against Ottawa. 

The original proposal had anyone under 35 able to qualify to be a plantiff. 

But the court said that was a subjective age bracket. 

This time, though, the group is standing by their plan. 

An organizer told the Canadian press that they believe that people under 35 will be hit harder than older people by climate change. 

And for those young people, they say their right to life and a healthy environment is being threatened.  

MNA test positive for Covid-19

In other news.. 

For the first time, a member of Quebec's National Assembly has tested positive for Covid-19.

Liberal MNA Filomena Rotiroti got the positive test, she says she's in quarantine now. 

Liberal leader Dominique Anglade also went for a test. 

On sunday morning, she wrote on social media that she had tested negative.