Wednesday March 30th 2016

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by Patricia Petit Liang


An online threat triggered the evacuation of more than 200 people from their Montreal homes as well as a massive security operation on Tuesday.

According to The Globe and Mail, an investigation has led to two people from Pierrefonds-Roxboro being questioned about their connection to the threat.

A young man and a woman were taken into custody for threats via social media and the possibility of possessing explosives.

After searching their home, the police determined that the online terror threats were unfounded.

by Saturn de Los Angeles

Car thieves in Alberta now have a creative way to steal vehicles. 

According to CBC News, cases of car cloning have been rising in Edmonton. 

Using sophisticated gear, thieves duplicate a car's identification number, known as its VIN, from the dashboard.

They then use the information to register and resell that car elsewhere.

Similar cases of car cloning have also happened in Toronto, where up to 30 million dollars worth of cars were stolen last year.  

by Catlin Spencer

The FBI has dropped its case with Apple over unlocking an iPhone belonging to a gunman from a mass shooting in California after announcing that they successfully hacked into it.

According to the Toronto Sun, the US government has yet to release how it broke the digital locks without Apples help.

However, a senior law enforcement agent says they were able to bypass the feature that deletes the phones contents after 10 failed password tries.

While the FBI is now able to see if the phone contains any useful information, the successful hack has brought Apples security into question.