Wednesday, February 24th 2016

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by Patricia Petit Liang

Under a new bylaw, disposable plastic shopping bags will be banned city-wide in Montreal by January 2018.

According to the Montreal Gazette, while a similar ban already exists in certain areas around the world, Montreal will be one of the first Canadian cities to implement this bylaw.

Toronto tried and failed to ban environmentally-unfriendly plastic bags in 2012, but Mayor Denis Coderre says he has great confidence in Montreal’s responsible consumers.

Under the new law, which has yet to be drafted, thin plastic bags will no longer be given out at grocery an convenience stores, but certain plastic bags- like those used for meat and veggies- will still be allowed. 

by Catlin Spencer

Nine people were injured by a knife-wielding high school student in Pickering Ontario Tuesday.

According to CBC News, a fourteen year old girl entered her school with two steak knives and started attacking fellow students and staff.

Police were called in and apprehended the girl just after 8:30am.

Four were taken to hospital, but none of the victims injuries are considered life-threatening.

Charges are currently pending and classes will resume Wednesday morning.

by Saturn de Los Angeles

U.S. Health Authorities are investigating possible new cases of the Zika virus, by a new method of transmission. 

According to The New York Times, the Centre for Disease Control discovered 14 new instances that reported various symptoms of the virus. 

The cases involved American women who may have contracted the virus through sexual contact with men who had traveled through areas where the virus was circulating.

The agency is advising people who plan to visit Zika-infected areas to either abstain from sex or use protection such as condoms if they engage in any kind of sexual activity.