View from the Venue - Cancer Bats

In Montreal, Canada, Cancer Bats interview you!

On this episode of View from the Venue, I sat down with Cancer Bats at Foufounes Electriques. They were on their Bastards of Reality tour, trekking across Canada and the United States as a Black Sabbath cover band called Bat Sabbath. Liam and Jaye promptly began to interview ME. Part 1 contains lots of hating on Christmas, goth talk, Black Sabbath praise and a serious question here and there. In part 2, Cancer Bats continue to make me their butt monkey and talk about Dead Set On Living and being nice dudes in a scary band. Jaye and I also face off in a Pogo-Headbanging competition of epic proportions. CHAOS.

Check out their single "Old Blood," out now. Stay tuned for their full length, Dead Set On Living, out April 20th.

-Filmed and edited by Julia Hoelscher