Video Game Preview - Bloodline Champions

Bloodline Champions is a free-to-play Arena-based PVP game that will seem similar to fans of League of Legends and Defense of The Ancients. What sets this game apart from other games of this genre is the use of WASD keys and a lack of minions. The game makes it easy for a player to choose their play style by separating the different characters into four types: melee, range, tanking, and healers.

The game is a great starter into the Arena genre, since the use of WASD makes it harder for experienced players to trash talk new ones without losing mobility—a problem many Arena-based games have trouble stifling.

Like most Arena-based games, Bloodline Champions features levels and a ranking system, but levels are only meant to show how much a person plays. Even as a level one, rank one newbie I was still able to hold my own and even win against people several levels above me.

The visual look as well as the feel the game has a very tribal tone, occasionally taking inspiration from ancient eastern backgrounds. Spells and abilities all look great and the engine seems to run the chaos of 5v5 without bogging you down. The game is also good at handling people who suffer from a lag, allowing gamers to continue to play on an even field.

Although the game is still in closed beta and a beta key is required to play, it looks like Bloodline Champions will be able to hold its own against other already established Arena-based games.