Verdun bus testing, Swamped hospitals send patients off-island, Alouettes strong through the pandemic

Voice Luca Caruso-Moro

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New COVID-19 public transport testing units

City buses in Verdun are being outfitted to do COVID-19 mobile testing.

Each one is expected to process up to 225 people daily. 

They will be traveling across Montreal to   get more accurate numbers on infection.

Swamped hospitals send patients off-island

Meanwhile, COVID-19 designated centres are at-capacity. 

Montrealers with the coronavirus are being sent to off-island centres.

That was the story for one woman on Tuesday, who was given the choice of being treated in a hospital in Trois-Rivieres or Sherbrooke. 

Hospitals on the island are increasingly swamped with high bed occupancy rates and full emergency rooms. 

Alouettes strong through the pandemic

The new owner of the Alouettes Gary Stern told the Montreal Gazette the team is in no danger of folding.

With a cloudy possibility the CFL season will be cancelled, Stern said he had no regrets taking over the team..

For the time being, the League's usual May 17 training start day and season launch has been postponed.