Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II


I had never really heard Unknown Mortal Orchestra before listening to this album. I joked with some people at the station that it sounded like it should be a name for a metal band but it is far from it - I found this album to be quite boring really. 

It’s very chill and I can imagine it being nice to listen to while lying in a park or making dinner perhaps but I went through the entire thing only half paying attention even though it was the only thing I was doing. The sound reminds me of music that was really popular around 2007 while also sounding a bit like Ty Segall.

Most songs are characterized by light male falsetto with simple driving percussion and it just seems a bit dated and not in a positive way. It reminded me of some of Of Montreal’s lighter songs but not quite getting the energy that Kevin Barnes puts into his music.

The album is a bit all over the place, with songs progressively getting more effects on them until we come to the instrumental “Monki” which seemed a little out of place. The one song that actually stood out to me was “Faded In The Morning”. This song actually had me paying attention to it because his falsetto took on a rock edge along side a more snappy beat. The song mixes electronic baby laughing with a more old school guitar riff which was strange but I thought worked really well. But then Secret Xtians goes back to the usual recipe and I was glad that the album was over.