Twerps - Twerps

Twerps released their self titled album last year. However, in case you missed it online you can now buy this Melbourne medley in physical form in North America. The album starts in a blurry gaze of guitars and right before you fall into the trance of "This Guy", the high is over. You are now a twerp, taking the lonely walk of shame in the streets of Australia. Once "Who Are You" plays, the self-pity acoustic guitar strumming kicks in and you start howling into the night. Sit down for a bit, Marty Frawley is going to tell you now that though this may be a "Peculiar" night, every thing is going to be allright. 

Tripping over a speedbump, you pick up the pace from a stumble to a light jaunt. This night isn't over yet... and that's when "Jam Song" kicks in. Appropriately in the middle of the album, the second half  takes a happier, possibly more sober turn. Julia MacFarlane's guitar hooks on "Anything New" pairs with Patrick O'Neill's successfully sappy percussion to make a full band sound. Weaving in and out of introspection, "Bring Me Down" and "Grow Old" are simple and self explanatory. 

The light, but essential Rick Milovanovic on bass keeps Twerps on the rails "Through The Day". Then for the sake of epic closure, "Coast To Coast" pushes you right out of the Twerp bubble and back to reality. Start to finish, this record has an inspiring personality.