TONITE at 6pm ET- #BTFFT: The Journey - a special radio documentary on Champions of the Local Scene!

TUNE in to CJLO TONITE July 6th 2016 for a very special edition of Champions of the Local Scene as we feature a special radio documentary featuring the adventures of our Hip-Hop artIst resident, Strange Froots! Fun treats, and great beats are in store for the entire hour, including behind-the-scenes commentary from your co-hosts Saturn De Los Angeles (Shibuya Crossing) and Joana Cumo (Je Suis TBA)!

And for this broadcast, we're giving you the chance to win a CD of their latest release recorded and mixed at our studios if you can figure out the full name of Strange Froots' hashtag called BTFFT! Learn more how to win below:

Composed of Mags, Naika, and Sage - and hailing from the NDG-based No Bad Sound Studios, this unit has caught our hearts with their determination, inspiration, and dedication to help change the landscape of a sound that's long been known as to be an exclusive "Boy's Only" club. Having been embedded in Montreal's indie music scene for years, discover how they have built their street cred from the ground up, and earn the praise and respect that they deserve from fellow music-makers, family members, and peers such as Melissa Fundira, Emma Bronson, and Lucas Charlie Rose. Hear their stories as we join them for an intimate yet fun coversation that will make you laugh, cry, and smile.

On the flipside, change is a constant thing, and will always be a part of our reality - including that of Hip-Hop. CJLO World Music Director Kelly Belfo and long-time Limelight co-host Amrew Weekes both chime in on how this genre is not just about the sound - but also a movement to mobilize and inspire a community long known to be in the fringes - and how the youth is out to change our perspective on it. Are we ready for music - and Hip-Hop - to redefine itself, and embrace it's new-found renaissance?

Join us as we learn more all about the legend behind one of Montreal's most promising young musicians of 2016! Dive into the basket of refreshing beats, tasty treats, and all of the delicious sounds that you can feast at 6pm ET at 1690 AM in Montreal - and catch it online anytime after the broadcast at 7pm at

"BTFFT: The Journey" is a special CJLO radio presentation, and is part of ON ROTATION, our year long Artist Outreach Residency Program - made possible with the generous support of the Community Radio Fund of Canada, and great people like you who help make amazing and inspiring independent radio happen.