Tonight on Champions of the Local Scene: CJAM's Musician's Legal Bootcamp: 6pm

CJLO is pleased to co-present CJAM's Musician's Legal Bootcamp, this Saturday, November 14, noon to 3pm in the Shatner Ballroom on the McGill campus (3480 McTavish). The Montreal Artists' Legal Clinic offers this event for free and will address the copyright and corporate law questions that musicians ask everyday. Tune into Champions of the Local Scene tonight (Wed) at 6pm when Abby (from Psychic City) will ask some of these questions to lawyer Emilie Christiansen of CJAM, as well as playing some of CJAM's favourite Montreal tunes. Registration for Saturday's event can be done here, although not required! Doors Saturday open at 11:30am. Tune in tonight at 6pm to hear more of what to expect!