Tonight at 9pm on Je Suis TBA: Marshia Celina- Rapper/ Performance Artist

Marshia Celina is a performing artist & writer. Her latest project Reality Rap: The Digital Tape explores our inner struggles with capitalism, race, gender, and our complicated relationships with rap through a sonic catalogue reminiscent of the nineties.  It's not just her content that is intriguing, but her flow & style is consistent and clear throughout her work. It pays homage to classic hip hop sounds that influenced her early years. Mars proves in her work that we can be critical without criticizing and that we all have some self work to do. Reality Rap: The Digital Tape is both refreshing and down to earth. Marshia Celina invites you to come get a dose of reality rap, and will be performing in Montreal at ✖✖✖ POMPe/oCALYPSE ✖✖✖ (QUEERS WERE THE ORIGINAL PUNKS ✖ PARTY QUEER MENSUEL) at Coop Katacombes (1635 St Laurent) at 11pm!