Tonight @ 6pm Je Suis TBA interviews PlayPlay

Tonight @ 6pm tune into Je suis TBA for an interview and DJ Set with PlayPlay.

PlayPlay creatively interweaves nostalgic hip-hop and house classics into both their DJ sets and music production, which are largely composed of city-specific sounds – namely Chicago juke and footwork, Bmore/Jersey/Philly club, NYC house, Detroit techno, and Miami bass. An extremely versatile DJ, PlayPlay also favors dancehall, cumbia, global bass, jungle/early hardcore/breakbeat, acid house, jock jams, EBM, industrial and '90s nostalgia all around. Their ultimate goal is to be in constant musical conversation with the crowd, contributing to a safe(r), free(r) space for everybody.

PlayPlay has opened for Big Freedia, MC Lyte, TT the Artist, Dai Burger, Mighty Mark, Le1f, Double Duchess, Jubilee, MikeQ, Cakes Da Killa and others. Based in Durham, NC, PlayPlay is an organizer and resident DJ of Party Illegal, a popular bass party gaining serious traction in NC. PlayPlay is also the creator and energetic force behind several themed parties, including a long-running 90's party, an industrial/goth night and a ladies of the 80's party. During the day, they are a music scholar, teacher, and board member of IASPM-US. In short, music is life for PlayPlay.

Je Suis TBA is a mixture of hip hop, funk, house and anything weird in between, Hosted by Joana Cumo - Mondays from 6-7pm.