TODAY @ 9:30PM Damien Dubrovnik / Ligature / Maussade / Demi Mal perform at Casa del Popolo

Come watch Damien Dubrovnik, Ligature, Maussade, Demi Mal and Nausia live at Casa Del Popolo, tonight at 9:30pm! Damien Dubrovnik the Cophenhagen power electronics duo, headline a night of abrasive sonic exploration alongside Christopher Hansell's project Ligature, local harsh noise act Maussude, Demi Mal and Nausia. Fronted by Loke Rahbek and Christian Stadsgaard, Damien Dubrovnik is the musical project of the founders of the seminal experimental label and creative incubator, Posh Isolation; responsible for cultivating acts as varied as Iceage, Var and Lust For Youth. Emerging from the tight knit noise/experimental stomping grounds of Posh Isolation, Damien Dubrovnik is among Loke and Christian's most long-standing projects with their first 12-inch Songs for Loviatar inaugurating the start of their label in 2009. Seven years later, Suoni per il Popolo hosts their first show in Montreal in support of their excellent 2015 record Vegas Fountain, a record that thematically grapples with "the nature of seduction and performance as a seductive performance". Damien Dubrovnik bring their intensely sincere brand of raw synth-noise experimentation tonight to Casa for a performance that promises to be one of Suoni's most memorable.