Join us tonight as CJLO - 1690AM's Impossible Music proudly co-presents Tentacules.12. Come watch them live at La Sala Rossa, today @ 8:37pm!

TENTACULES. 12, featuring the works of James O'Callaghan, YlangYlang, Sarah Albu, William Payette, Choros, Schoen-Vanderveken, Hazy Montagne Mystique and Guilaume Vallée. You'll get lost in a haze of experimental sound, projects and 3D magic at Sala!

Check out the event page below for more details and to check out a sampler of their amazing music, and we hope to see you tonight at Sala as the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival continues!

Impossible Music is a medley of sound collage, found sound and field recordings starring your host Gachary - Sundays at 1pm.