TODAY @ 3PM! #CJLOFringeTunes at the Fringe Park!

CJLO is proud to co-present CJLO FRINGE Tunes with Festival St-Ambroise Fringe Montréal on June 17th: 3pm to 10pm at the FRINGE Beer Tent AKA Parc des Ameriques !!

The concert will include a live broadcast hosted by CJLO's Friday radio lineup, with: Nozin' Around, Yonic Youth, Audio Penpals on CJLO, The Groove Master's Hour and The Go-Go Radio Magic Show! The broadcast kicks off at 2pm. Come on down and say hi to us!

We are stoked about this line-up consisting of Tshizimba, Strange Froots & Lucas Charlie Rose, Joyce N'sana, AUKS, The Adam Brown, Moss Lime & THe LYONZ!

Come chill, maybe have a beverage and listen to some sweet tunes under the sun & stars!

It's absolutely free and all ages are welcome!!

3pm: Tshizimba

Tshizimba is a Montreal-based emcee, producer, beatmaker, DJ and creator. His Hip-Hop, Ambient and Chillwave influences unveil a unique world, characterized by Afrofuturism, space, the strength to fight back and pretty flowers.

3:30pm: Lucas Charlie Rose

Lucas Charlie Rose is considered to be one of the most influential names in trans Hip Hop today. His debut album 'R O U G E' premieres in June.

4pm: Strange Froots

Strange Froots is a trio of singers-songwriters, musicians and beatmakers, comprised of Mags, SageS and Naïka Champaïgne, specializing in alternative chill-soul and #BlackGirlMagic.

5pm: Joyce N'sana

Joyce N'sana is the new female voice of Reggae and Afrobluhop. Marked by the Congolese wars, she spread the art of peace and the culture of survival.

6pm: AUKS

Auks is a project conceived by friends coming together after playing in bands like Les Sexareenos, Pink Mountaintops, The Receivers and Vicious/Delicious. They draw on both the new-wave sound of the 80's and the sweaty rock corners of Montreal. Come ready to dance.

7pm: The Adam Brown

The Adam Brown were born out of a desire to bring you nothing but hit after hit Rock n’ Roll dance parties in your pants.

8pm: Moss Lime

Moss Lime is the dysfunctional family you love to hang with, they are also a light-hearted band with honest pop songs. They just want to tell you about their day.

9pm: THe LYONZ

THe LYONZ are Anthony Salvo and Terrell McLeod Richardson. Their lust for electro-acoustic composition—(often scrapping the 808 to record sounds organically)— mixed with cascading, melancholy verses redefines how we talk hip-hop duo.