Today @ 3pm- Beyond the Black Rainbow previews Festival Suoni Per Il Popolo w/ Cosi E Cosi & Island Frequencies

Today at 3pm, Beyond the Black Rainbow previews Festival Suoni Per Il Popolo, which kicks off this week, running June 2nd to June 19th. Suoni brings a wide range of sound from both local and international artists alike- the musical range is diverse, spanning experimental and avant-garde genres to hazy electronics, to noise rock, to free jazz improv, to new folk realities and more. Joining Julie in studio today will be experimental electronic artist Cosi E Cosi, who will be performing in the festival Friday June 10th at La Vitrola (4602 St Laurent) with Ylang Ylang, FlucT, Nothinge, Ssurfacing, and a DJ set by Kazuki Koga.

Island Frequencies, a Montreal promoter who creates "A platform where music makers and visual artists can showcase their work", will be joining Julie in studio to chat about their contributions to Suoni- which include Thor Harris & Friends at Sala Rossa June 9th- (Take note- CJLO will be broadcasting live from Sala leading up to this event, 6-10pm!)

Tune in for all this and more, on a special two-hour Beyond The Black Rainbow where CJLO goes Suoni! Today- 3-5pm!