Today @ 1pm: Hua Li on Behind the Counter, talking Babely Shades debut TONITE

Today on Behind the Counter, Sonja will interview Montreal rapper Hua Li, who will be performing at Babely Shades' first Montreal show tonight at Bad Lunch! "Babely Shades is a collective of people of colour from the Ottawa arts and music scene who seek to bring visibility and awareness to local artists and issues against marginalized groups. Their end goal is to dismantle the white supremacy in our communities in order to allow more folks of colour to participate in local arts." (Babely Shades)

Hua Li is a fixutre in Montreal's hip hop scene- she is an envelope pusher and has been described as "a rap label's dream... her approach to rapping, a kind of early '90s Lil Kim bravado mixed with the more insightful, emotionally resonant lyrics of a Jean Grae, would be menacing if it weren't so raw and beguiling."
-Consequence of Sound

Tune in 1-2pm to hear what's coming up for Hua Li, her thoughts on Babely Shades' in Montreal and some tracks from her EP Za Zhong.

And don't miss Babely Shades' Montreal debut at Bad Lunch with Hua Li, Ah Mer Ah Su and November TONITE!

Photo: Stacy Lee