TINA DICO @ Petit Campus

By Christie Van der Burg - Black Tongue Radio - 03/06/2006

A few Mondays ago, I went and saw Tina Dico at Petit Campus. She was well-received by the small crowd, who all seemed to have seen her perform before. Audience members were quite well-acquainted with her songs, which they would yell in request. It is understandable why she was welcomed with such open arms; the adorable little blonde-haired performer is witty and cute, confident and full of charm. You can almost not help but to like her and feel bad in thinking that her singing really isn’t that great. Tina Dico has the potential to be a good singer once she finds what works best for her, but as of now, she is aspiring to be and do something that just does not come natural and in the end, just does not work. She possesses a strong likeness to the girl singing in the metro station: a tad bit too amateurish and unkept. Despite the notes sung off-key, she remained a pleasant entertainer and her character compensated for the flatness in her voice. Perhaps if she was to choose another genre of music -- other than the singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell-type stuff... maybe punk or garage rock -- then she wouldn’t need any vocal talent and her attitude would be enough to “make it big”.

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