T.I. @ L'Olympia - January 29th, 2017

I'm not one to normally go to concerts, but this time, I decided to make the move—especially seeing that it was T.I., and and it would've been his first time coming to Montreal! Needless to say, I had some high expectations for the concert.

Excited and enthusiastic, I got to L'Olympia early to get a good spot to see the big man himself. 

However, the crowd didn't seem too enthusiastic in the beginning. The first set of artists who came out really didn't get the crowd hyped enough for the main show. Some went so far as to attempt crowd surfing, which didn't go well and ultimately didn't work. I think everyone was just waiting for the main event.

Eventually, the DJ began to play a lot of songs that T.I. featured on, like DJ Khaled's "We Takin' Over," to get the crowd hyped for what was coming up next. And the crowd WAS getting hyped!

And then, he came. 

Coming out with his traditional swag, he exclaimed his traditional "Yeeaaaaah!" into the microphone. From there, the crowd lost it. T.I. got straight to business by performing his known hits, like "24's," "Big Things Poppin'," and "Go Get It," along with excited and energetic fans. 

The "King of the South" took some time during the performance to mention being glad to finally be in Canada, saying that he had never come to his nation's upstairs neighbour. Also, he admitted not being too pleased with his new recently sworn-in president. Many fans who follow him on social media would know this from his video basically blasting Donald Trump

As the concert carried on, the "Rubber Band Man" artist continued to perform full steam, progressively removing one piece of his clothing after the other, until only his white vest remained. He left the stage briefly only to return bareback to rile the crowd up once again. 

Overall, I would say that I was glad to see the trap music legend live. It was something that I never thought I would experience before, and now that I have, I'm satisfied.


Image credit: Admission