Thousands protest Quebec’s lockdown, Firefighters urge caution while at home, New vaccine shows high efficacy after phase three testing

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro



Thousands protest Quebec’s lockdown

Thousands marched the streets of Montreal on Saturday to protest the province’s pandemic measures.

Marchers began their route near McGill.

Several people were handed tickets by Montreal police for not wearing masks.


Firefighters urge caution while at home

In other news…

People are staying home now more than ever to stay safe from the coronavirus, but that has created a new problem for Montrealers.

The city’s fire department says to check your fire alarms.

It turns out there were a lot of fires last year, hundreds more than the year before.

Officials blame the extra time spent at home.


New vaccine shows high efficacy after phase three testing


A phase 3 trial has found high efficacy rates for the Novavax coronavirus vaccine.

Following late-stage trials in the UK, the Novavax vaccine has shown to be 96 per cent effective against mild to moderate symptoms of the original strain of the virus.

It was also reportedly effective against the British and South African variants.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has signed a preliminary deal with Novavax to manufacture the vaccine in Montreal.

The facility is under construction, but according to a February CTV News report, the rollout isn’t expected until fall at the earliest.