The Walls Are Blonde - The Death of Blood Rexdale

The Walls Are Blonde's record "The Death of Blood Rexdale" is a peek into the curious, mysterious and possibly genius mind of David Kleiser. Released on cassette, the album opens with a live recording of Kleiser's voice accompanied by a clumsy but well improvised trumpet melody that eases you into an experience equivocal to an acid trip. By the time the cohesive pop structure of "Learning to Fuck" hits, the album stays on a grandeur level of psychedelia and freak-folk that can trance, dance and maybe shit your pants. The warmth of the cassette quality is so appropriate for the band's sound, leaving you feeling like you just found this tape in your big brother's secret stash drawer. Some bands simply can't make a quality record that's totally recorded and distributed on a cassete, some find it just too novel. In my opinion, this DIY eclectic mess is nothing short of a masterpiece.