The Tales of a Tribeca Survivor

*Editors note: Throughout the next couple of days, Andrea will be submitting more detailed reviews for each competition and section. Stay tuned!
The city that never sleeps, a widespread film festival, a wide-eyed ecstatic film writer and a tornado of non-stop reckless adventure. That description would briefly sum up my experience at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan New York City. Let me just begin by saying thank you to Tribeca and CJLO for giving me this unforgettable opportunity. Every film festival I have attended has changed my life in some way, which might sound extremely dramatic but I assure you it is the cold hard truth. How has Tribeca changed me? 
Well how much time do you have?
Film festivals are your tool for exploring films from all over the globe. Festivals allow you to be bombarded with striking and inspiring visual arts in a short organized span of time. They are an adrenaline rush and one hell of a ride. The films at Tribeca are organized into the following sections for your systematized viewing pleasure:
The World Narrative Competition highlights premieres from veteran filmmakers and new on the scene filmmakers that have panache and gusto. Check out reviews for Mr. Jones and Bottled Up
The World Documentary Competition pulls focus on modern truth with strong voices behind and in front of the camera.
The Spotlight section is a jumble of established names and names that are starting to shine through. Spotlight is filled with anxiously awaited new releases and some festival classics.  Here are reviews for Adult World and Greetings From Tim Buckley
Viewpoints section includes documentary and narratives that surrounds international independent cinema and their communicative prospects in film.
Midnight section is my favorite as it highlights breaking the rules and pushing the limits to the extreme. Horror, Sci-fi and action included in this genre section of the festival.
Storyscapes is an interesting section where innovation, technology and storytelling merge together to create new ways of filmmaking.
The Shorts Program speaks for itself and is filled with diversity and talent.
Tribeca ESPN Sports Film Festival includes sports themed films, events and panel discussions with established and emerging filmmakers.
On top of all the marvelous films programmed there are a plethora of events that you can attend where you can mingle and chit chat with the minds behind all these beautiful films. There is always a great conversation to be had. The Tribeca staff and volunteers are some of the nicest people I have met so far while attending the festival circuit. These wonderful people are informed, passionate, motivated artists, hard workers and ready to help at the drop of a hat!
I hope that while reading my film reviews from Tribeca you will be inspired to start attending some of the film festivals that surround you! They are everywhere and are such a fantastic time, take a chance and have some fun! I dare you.

Andrea Boulet