The Men - Tomorrow's Hits

Tomorrow's Hits (Sacred Bones, March 2014), the fifth studio album by Brooklyn's The Men in as many years, is an unapologetic straight-ahead ode to old time rock n' roll. This album continues the band's trend of incorporating classic rock and roots/country elements into their sound moving them further and further away from the noise rock they were first creating. Their evolution, through the rear-view mirror, is further aided by an increase in production value that helps to polish their sound; however, it doesn't do so absolutely which is a relief, since there still resides an edge and crust to the music that seeps through its periphery. The music on this album is heavily influenced by the early styles of the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and Neil Young among others.

The album begins with "Dark Waltz", which oozes a country vibe. Hell, vocalist Nick Chiericozzi even begins all country by singing that "my mom gave me this guitar... now there's nothing I'd rather do", all with a slight drawl. The chord progression is repetitive allowing the band to wail away. "Another Night" is steeped in a Stones aesthetic; the interplay between the horns and guitars is well executed. This track is a highlight for me and I haven't quite figured out if that's because it reminds of the Stones, or if it's just a great rock song. "Sleepless" is a nice change of pace offering up a hazy sound formed by Kevin Faulkner's lap steel. 

Oddly for me, part of what I really enjoy about this album is that it gushes a youthful enthusiasm that purveys throughout the music and the vocals. Even before hitting play the The Men smack you with their exuberance with a tongue-in-cheek album title. While this album isn't breaking any barriers, it's a fun and definitely worth your time. 

Rating: 4/5

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