By Sandré & Matt Matthews - Idle Minds - 08/13/2005

Note: The following is a transcribed, taped conversation between Idle Minds alumni Sandré and Matt Matthews.

Sandré: Well grab my crotch and call me a whore! If it isn't Matt Matthews in the flesh!

Matt: It is, and don't mind if I do! Whore!!!

Sandré: So I didn't talk to you about the DK show the other night. So, what did you think? Was it worth the money?

Matt: I don't know, I didn't pay!

Together: HAHAHAHA! (high-fives all around)

Sandré: No seriously... what did you think?

Matt: Meh.

Sandré: Meh?

Matt: You heard me... meh. It wasn't bad, but it really wasn't a memorable show.

Sandré: Unmemorable?

Matt: Uhmm... yeah. It was like watching a decent Dead Kennedys cover band that happened to have three original members.

Sandré: Yeah, but the new dude did alright. He knew the words and stuff, and thankfully he didn't try to sound like Jello too much.

Matt: Ya, but I know the words too. I should have been up there.

Sandré: Ya... so why weren't you.

Matt: (dejected) I got eliminated in the 2nd round.

Sandré: Cheer up, maybe you'll make it onto the Dead Kennedys Idol reject show.

Matt: I can dream!

Sandré: Let's cut whatshisface some slack... no one can replace Jello Biafra.

Matt: Actually, the guys name is Jeff Penalty, and let me tell you, he ain't no Michale Graves either. For some odd reason, I enjoyed the "Misfits" reunion a lot more than this.

Sandré: (laughs) At least he's a not a Republican.

Matt: Amen.

Sandré: Speaking of Republicans, what was the deal with "California Über Alles"? They still had the Jerry Brown lyrics... Where's the Arnie?

Matt: Kind of hard to rhyme the word Schwarzenegger with... well... anything.

Sandré: (singing with the accent) "I am governor Schwarzenegger... I am down with all the nig..."

Matt: Watch your mouth.

Sandré: But I'm talking about Arnold!

Matt: I can dig it!

Sandré: They did change the lyrics for "Bleed For Me", mentioning Cowboy Georgie.

Matt: Actually, ya... that was pretty decent of them. But one little change to the lyrics doesn't make up for not having Jello. Everyone loves Jello!

Sandré: Thank god they didn't try to mimic those typical Jello rants. That would have been pretty weak.

Matt: Well, they did have a little rant against MTV/Muchmusic before "MTV - Get Off The Air"

Sandré: Ya... that was pretty formulaic.

Matt: Peligro's "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" intro rant was pretty solid. But holy crapsheet, I rolled my eyes when they did that whole rock 'n' roll intro bit. Musical fanfare for every name Jeff Penalty announced.

Sandré: What? You didn't like the East Bay Ray chant they started?

Matt: (groan)

Sandré: The crowd response was actually pretty good.

Matt: Ya, but those little kinder-punks don't know any better.

Sandré: Don't you sound like a jaded old man...

Matt: And let me tell you... back in my day, people knew how to stagedive. None of this getting up on stage and standing there looking like a deer stuck in the headlights. Get up on stage and then jump... it's not hard dagnabbit!

Sandré: So in the end, what exactly was the point of this "reunion"?

Matt: Money, of course.

Sandré: And the chicks! They probably haven't gotten laid since the Reagan-era. But, you can't fault them for trying to make a living... it's a job, and a better one than I got.

Matt: True dat.

Sandré: Anyway, I gotta jet. Later Poop.

Matt: Later Choote.


  • Forward To Death
  • Winnebego Warrior
  • Police Truck
  • Buzzbomb
  • Let's Lynch The Landlord
  • Rawhide
  • Kill The Poor
  • Government Flu
  • MTV - Get Off The Air
  • Too Drunk To Fuck
  • Moon Over Marin
  • Nazi Punks Fuck Off
  • California Über Alles

1st Encore:

  • Bleed For Me
  • Viva Las Vegas
  • Holiday In Cambodia

2nd Encore


  • Riot
  • Chemical Warfare

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