Terry & Dean Turn Down The Suck!!!

Tune into Turn Down The Suck this Wednesday (9-11pm) for the biggest interview in the history of the show! Terry Cahill & Dean Murdoch!! You may recognize them as the voices behind the show's intro, or as the coiners of the phase 'turn down the suck', or maybe just as the stars of Fubar & Fubar 2. Either way, interviewing the pair was one of the few goals (and by 'few' we mean 'one') Johnny Suck set for himself when Turn Down The Suck began. 

Anyway, tune in to hear the answer to all of the questions that have been waiting 5 years to be asked, like 'Hi, how's it going?", "Sorry, what?", and "Want to do a station ID?"

Turn Down The Suck w/ Terry and Dean, Wednesday Oct 6th, 9pm, only on CJLO....