Sustainable MTL, Hunger Strike, MLK Facebook

Luca Caruso-Moro





Montreal is expected to open public consultations on a new waste reduction plan next month. 

CBC News is reporting every Montrealer will need to cut their waste by 10 kilograms per year to reach a zero-waste goal by 2030.

Other plans include a refurbished recycling plan and reduction of single use plastics.


The Kanesatake hunger strike has continued for over one week. 

Al Harrington, an Ojibway man from Shoal Lake 39 began his hunger strike on October 11th to pressure the federal government to impose a short term moratorium on all development on Kanesatake traditional territory. 

Harrington addressed the public via Facebook live on Thursday.

HARRINGTON “My health is good. I really want to stress that out, that I’m being staking care of here in the community. … I’m going to continue on until The Creator helps us, guides us.”


Mark Zuckerberg is coming under fire from Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter after the CEO referenced Dr. King in a landmark speech.

ZUCKERBERG “In times of social tension our impusle is often to pull back on free expression. Because, we want the progress that comes of free expression, but not the tension. We saw this when Martin Luther King Jr. wrote his famous Letter From a Birmingham Jail, when he was put in jail for protesting peacefully.“

Zuckerberg gave a 30 minute address at Georgetown University on Thursday defending free speech on Facebook.

King’s daughter, Bernice King, tweeted her reaction to the speech, writing quote “I’d like to help Facebook better understand the challenges #MLK faced from disinformation campaigns launched by politicians. These campaigns created an atmosphere for his assassination.”