STM Ridership, Fed Support for Francophones, Blue Energy

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More people are riding the metro than ever.

The CBC reports ridership hit 1 million passengers multiple times in October.

The STM has promised an increase in spending on bus and metro services, and STM Chair Philippe Schnobb told the CBC that a new line may be necessary.


FRANÇOIS LEGAULT “In Quebec I have the responsibility of giving services to anglophones. We have three anglophone universities, we have a large hospital, McGill hospital, specially for for anglophones. I would have liked to have a francophone University in Ontario”

That’s Premier Legault reacting to Doug Ford’s decision to cut funding for french language education in Ontario.

DOUG FORD “WE have 300 courses that are not being filled, french language courses. It’s totally irresponsible from the previous government. If anyone has a complaint, they should call Kathleen Wynne’s office.”

Now Trudeau is stepping in.

He’ll meet with leaders of the 3 opposition parties to discuss ways to support francophones and the french language across Canada.


MIKE SONKO “It is my pleasure to join you for this important conference that seeks to explore the social and economic potential of our oceans, lakes, rivers, and all water bodies.”

That’s Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, greeting Canada and 150 other countries at a conference in Nairobi this week.

World leaders discussed the potential of harnessing bodies of water as a source of sustainable energy.