Stella Donnelly: Beware of the Dogs

“Are you scared of me old man? Or are you scared of what I’ll do?”

​Those are the chanted lyrics on Stella Donnelly’s opening track “Old Man” on her debut album “Beware of the Dogs”. Already the listener is the exposed to the kind of ride they are in for. This is an artist that does not hold back: a rebel with a cause, potentially trained as an assassin for feminist rights. 

​Stella Donnelly is an up and coming Australian artist already with a mass of accomplishments to her name. She has played at multiple festivals and music conferences including SXSW and The Great Escape. Starting off by self publishing an EP called ‘Thrush Metal” in 2018, Stella Donnelly almost immediately received critical acclaim and awards in her native country. Her first album released on March 15th 2019 “Beware of the Dogs” (Secretly Canadian), is a demonstration of her unique songwriting, her brashness and her modern take on the world. 

​Speaking of “Beware of the Dogs”, Donnelly said that she felt that the album was her return to the driver's seat. In the sense that she is taking back the reins in her life and sticking a feminist middle finger to all those that set her and other women back. Many of the themes on this album deal with poisonous relationships, body acceptance and the overall treatment of women in society. There is sometimes an anger to what she says, yet she sings it so blissfully and firmly, channeling into a powerful and positive cathartic force.

​All this is topped off with sometimes sugary sweet sounds, but overall excellent songwriting with a lot of variety on the album. Some may classify her as pop, but she explores the territories of synth pop and sometimes even vocal jazz. 

​Stella Donnelly’s songs are bursting with personality, self deprecating humour and an overall confidence that makes it seem like the feminist revolution is not very far away. 


Tracks to look out for: “Old Man”, “Watching Telly”.