Shibuya Crossing is back: Now Sundays 9am to 11am!

Have you ever wondered what the music of Japan sounds like? Well wait no further.

Since 2013, Shibuya Crossing has been taking you on an adventure into the world of Japanese music and fringe arts - from the heart of the underground, into the online universe, and reaching out into the global fan community.

As it officially returns for a third consecutive season on Concordia's own, and Montreal's underground radio, your weekly journey is packed with goodies - from personal mix tapes, audio diaries, surreal soundscapes, artist profiles, and even a crash course on basic Japanese for the studious folks out there.

But the show isn't complete without you. Whether you're a passionate fan who's excited to share your adoration for a particular J-Rock, JPop, or J-Indie act, or a Japanese or J-Music inspired musician who wants to reach out, you are part of this adventure too. Whether that's on the radio on Sundaymornings, or online on social media @shibuya1690, you're invited to reach out to us.

Join Saturn De Los Angeles (aka SATYYY) as we embark on a weekly sonic adventure once again into the Sound of Japan on an all new day and time.

Shibuya Crossing. Sunday mornings from 9 to 11 on CJLO 1690AM, and available Monday mornings on our Episode Archive at