Seum Live at CJLO

Montreal manages to produce a bunch of loud, angry, aggressive, noisy, sludgy bands, and, due to the nature of the city, sometimes those bands don't even come from the city itself. Such is the case with the French expats contained within the seedy underbelly of Seum.

Last year, on March 12th, right after the release of their latest record, Double Double, the trio came into the CJLO studios and performed a live session inside our recording studio, The Oven.

But, because they are unquestionably diligent, and love you so much that they want to provide you with as much music as is possible, they have taken this session and are releasing it on their Bandcamp so you can enjoy the delightfully disgusting sounds that they produce.

In order to celebrate this occasion, here's an interview that the band did with Andrew from Grade A Explosives (Sundays 4 - 6PM) in March 2022, right as they were about to release their Blueberry Cash EP.

While you listen to that, head on over to their Bandcamp so you can download and / or just generally be ready to listen to the session right after listening to the interview, or you can listen to one part of the interview, listen to the session and then listen to part 2. Hey look, you made your own radio show!