Scissorfight & Backwoods Payback interviews on CJLO!

The only thing better than an interview with a badass band is two interviews with two badass bands, and that's what's coming your way in the next few days here on CJLO. 
First, after ten years of dormancy, the mighty Scissorfight have exploded back on the scene with the release of their new EP, Chaos County, and they're taking no prisoners. Tune in to BVST on Wednesday, December 14th at 7pm to catch Angelica's recent sit down with the band, as well as tons of new tracks from their EP and a bunch of old classics!
Then, don't miss Grade A Explosives on Sunday, December 18th at 4pm, when Andrew goes deep with Backwoods Payback in an interview recorded before their recent Burlington, VT show at Higher Ground. He'll be playing songs from their latest record, Fire Not Reason, as well as digging into their back catalogue!
Don't miss 'em: 
- Scissorfight on BVST this coming Wednesday at 7pm!
- Backwoods Payback on Grade A Explosives this coming Sunday at 4pm!