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Tensions remain high as the SAQ’s three-day strike mandate came to an end on Sunday without any results.


According to CTV News, the union is demanding for better working conditions and for their salaries to increase at the same rate as the inflation level.


In an interview Simon Desjardins, vice-president of the union said, “We’re not asking for anything too extravagant. We just don’t want to get poorer and poorer every year.”


If the SAQ crown corporation and the union does not come to an agreement, the strike could continue for two more weeks.



A Musqueam Nation fisherman says climate change is taking a huge toll on the fishing industry and it’s  getting worse over time.


Mike Sparrow says the fishing industry is experiencing major ups and downs due to the rapid speed the ocean are warming up.


According to APTN News, recent findings of Ocean Wise prove that the effects of climate change are causing serious damage within the ecosystem of the oceans.



A far-right radicals attack on a transgender rights demonstrations in Ukraine has left at least three people injured.


A group of 50 people had gathered to mark the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance when the attack happened.


Sofiia Lapina, a member of KyivPride, told Kyiv Post newspaper, "Radicals started moving towards LGBT people, so the police started to physically shove us into the metro and told everybody that the rally has ended.”


According to CBC, in a statement given by the Ukrainian police, they prevented a "provocation" during the demonstration by separating LGBT activists from far-right counter-protesters.