Saint-Laurent Emissions, Barricade Breakers, Thalidomide Survivors.

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The Saint-Laurent borough is celebrating a steady decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

A report revealed at this week’s council meeting showed a 21 per cent decrease in emissions in the since 1990, even though the region’s population has grown by about 30 thousand.

More compost collection, public transportation, and reduced commercial gas use are said to be the cause of the decrease.

Mayor Alan DeSousa hopes to slash another 9 per cent of emissions by 2020

ALAN DESOUSA: “We hear a lot of people say that they plan to do things. They talk about setting high objectives. But actually, when we look at the facts, it’s more important to do things.”


The RCMP has broken down the barricade put up by the Unis’tot’en people.

The barricade was put up to prevent the Coastal Gaslink pipeline from being built through 190 kilometres of Wet'suwet'en territory, about 3 hours west of Prince George.

After the RCMP broke through, 14 people were arrested.


Canada will increase compensation to survivors of thalidomide, a drug marketed to women in the sixties to treat morning sickness,

Children of mothers on thalidomide were born with disabilities such as underdeveloped limbs and deafness.

Under the new policy, survivors will receive 250 thousand dollars compensation and 1 million dollars yearly for medical expenses.