REVIEW: Tarot by Aether Realm

It has been a while since we last heard from Aether Realm since their debut album in 2013 Once Chosen by the Gods, and now the band has given a different approach and feel for this record alone and it is very good!

I had very wary expectations while diving into this record since it has been a few years since I heard their last record. No I'm not like Decapitron, where I almost got hurt in a thunderstorm (I hope you’re okay buddy). I was safe lying in my bed upon the end of my work day.

I was listening to Tarot, the sophomore album of Aether Realm, I popped it on to my iPod hyping up to anticipation and got cued up by “The Fool.” Opening up with insane blast beats and unique harmonies that have never been heard before, the epic orchestrations reminded me of “Time 1” from Wintersun.

At one point in “The Fool” is a calm melody that sounds as if you are in a dream, falling fast asleep as Jake sings into your ear. Overall, the beauty of the piece captivated and shocked me.

Their evolution as musicians shows so much over the years in the articulation of song structure and even how the record is produced.

It has that DIY approach towards the album making it unique.

I also find there are a lot of metal styles scattered throughout this album, but are still intriguing. There are not many bands that break the boundaries of what musical style they do.

Nevertheless, elements of folk metal are there in their roots that they seem to push a bit further into.

You have power ballads such as “Death”, and the orchestrationgasm, shredding, and blistering guitars in “Tarot.”

Even though I don't think this is a concept album, like tarot cards it follows themes of death and what the future holds.

Once again, I would like to mention the throwback to old school Ensiferum that is in here and is amazing which is heard in the song “The Chariot.”

More elements emerge with symphonic metal like Fleshgod Apocalypse are very reminiscent to the song “The Devil” with very aggressive blast beats and nice classical grooves.

Next, we hit up “Temptress” which sounds something straight out of Woods of Ypres, very doom sounding and gloomy which adds a nice touch to it bringing themes of temptation and desire, easily making it one of my favourite tracks on the record.

We now enter the 20-minute epic “The Sun,” “The Moon,” and “The Stars.”

This sequence is possibly one of the greatest things I've ever heard in my entire life since “The Sons of Winter” and “Stars” from Wintersun.

One can tell a lot of influence from “Time 1” was implemented into this song, but Aether Realm put their own spin on it which makes it in-your-face and powerful.

The crazy melodic elements and guitar work shines on what Aether Realm could do in terms of future albums.

This is something that was missing from the album. Something that's long and epic with proportions that could break the fabric of space and time with its sheer epicness and face melting powers. On my way to work, this is all I could feel while I listened to it.

Furthermore, this is one of the highly recommend songs on the album and it feels like they are going to move forward into the direction of songs like “The Sun,” “The Moon,” and “The Stars.”

Aether Realm if you are reading this please make more long epic songs!

Overall, I really liked this album and highly recommend it.

Score: 9.5/10