Refer-Redmen, Alberta Alliance, T-Bay Homelessness

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McGill’s Student Union collected nearly 6000 votes in a referendum on the name of the school’s sports teams.

About 80 per cent voted to change the controversial “Redmen” title.

The referendum, however, is not binding for the school.


MARILYN BURNS “We want to advance the freedoms of Albertans, and we want to have a government that’s accountable, effective, prudent, and trustworthy.”

That’s Marilyn Burns, the leader of the new Alberta Advantage party, a right-wing extension of the Wild Rose party, which has been granted official status.

The Wild Rose held a largely populist message.

That was before merging with Alberta’s PCs in hopes of beating out the NDP in the province’s last election.

Some 50 members of the Wild Rose who were against the merge have created the Alberta Advantage.


Two thirds of Thunder Bay’s homeless population are Indigenous.

That’s according to the 2018 Point in Time Homelessness Count, which identified 500 people living on the city’s streets.

77 per cent of those under 25 years old reported being part of the foster care system.

In a 2016 census report, Indigenous kids made up half of Canada’s fostered children.

The overrepresentation has to do in part by the federal underfunding of welfare systems on reserves.