Racist yearbooks recalled, Quebec resumes COVID briefings, Drug bust in Eastern Townships

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro




Racist yearbooks recalled

A Montreal area highschool is recalling its yearbooks which include a racist joke. 

A black student at Lindsay Place Highschool in Pointe Claire was featured in the books with the words, quote, “most likely to be a wanted criminal.”

The books were issued with a sticker over the slogan, which read “An error was made that does not reflect the values of Lindsay Place High School.


Quebec resumes COVID briefings

After what Concordia professor Aaron Derfel called an act of, quote, “stunning lack of transparency,” Quebec has reversed a decision to stop its daily Coronavirus updates. 

The slowed updates caused outrage from journalists and advocates alike, leading the province to resume its regular schedule. 

Quebec’s health minister tweeted Friday that the government is, quote, “listening,” and that the daily updates would resume. 


Drug bust in Eastern Townships

Provincial police say they found $90,000, guns, and kilos of cocaine and meth in a bust against a synthetic drug lab in the Eastern Townships.

Four suspects have been arrested after a nearly year-long investigation brought police to the lab in Danville on Saturday morning. 

The suspects are facing several drug-related charges in a Drummondville courthouse.