Quebec's first COVID-19 outbreak in a daycare, Quebec schools reopening, Quebec teenager youngest published author in a prestigious medical journal

Hadassah Alencar




COVID-19 outbreak at Mascouche daycare 

Quebec has recorded the first outbreak at a daycare centre.

The daycare in Mascouche was open for essential workers in need of emergency child care services.

Nearly half of the children and four of the employees have tested positive for the virus. (12 out of 27) 

Currently, all staff and children are in quarantine, until the centres expected reopening on May 11.  

Quebec school reopening

Meanwhile, elementary school teachers in Montreal are gearing up to re-enter classrooms on May 25, and they have spurred different reactions across the city.

Quebec Deputy Premier Geneviève Guilbault said anyone under 70 returning to work in the schools should not worry.

This contrasts an earlier briefing by Premier Legault who had previously said teachers and daycare workers over 60 would not have to return to their positions. 

The English Montreal School Board was defiant against the re-opening, saying they will decide when it is safe to reopen their schools. 

But the Quebec government said the English School board does not have the power to delay the May 25 re-opening. 

Quebec teenager youngest published author in prestigious medical journal

In other news, a fifteen-year-old Montreal teenager has become the youngest published author in one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals. 

Thomas F. Khairy and colleagues published a study on infection and pacemakers implants.

Khairy told LaPresse that he thinks his study will help encourage more Medical institutions to re-use life saving equipment.