Quebec vaccination update

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro


Quebec vaccination update


Quebec hit several major vaccination milestones this week.

With daily records of over 80 thousand injections throughout recent days,

public health has announced that nearly one in three adults have gotten a dose. 

This after the AstraZeneca vaccine became available to people aged 45 and up, who have all but depleted the supply. 

As the province waits for more doses, Montreal walk-in clinics have closed for the time being. 


The age was lowered following recommendations from a national health advisory board. 

And that board just announced that provinces can allow people as young as thirty to get the dose. 

The recommended age for the vaccine was initially capped at 55 after some reports linked blood clotting to AstraZeneca. 

However, the risk of blood clotting remains much higher for COVID-19 itself, not to mention more commonly taken treatments, like birth control. 

To add some starpower to the AstraZeneca campaign, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received his first dose on Friday.